Learn to code.
Help fight cancer.

Coding For A Cure is a 3-day course for non-coders where we will teach you how to how launch your first website and how to write and maintain HTML and CSS.

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Classes starting up again early 2014!

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Learn basic HTML and CSS

Learn to write web-based programing code and build, maintain and launch a fully-functioning website.

When you’re done the 3-day course you will:
  • Learn basic HTML and CSS after 3 days
  • Launch your first live website after day 1
  • Understand how a basic website works.
  • Get over your fear of computer scientists ; )
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Help GRHF Treat Cancer patients

100% of your ticket goes towards funding a new Interventional Radiology unit to help treat people with cancer in the KW Region.

click here to read more about the IR unit you’ll be helping fund.

Why learn to code?


There are over 2x more jobs available in the software industry than any other industry! Your job outlooks just got better!


More skills = higher pay + more job ops. 17/21 of people who attended a San Francisco coding bootcamp higher paying offers than they did before the bootcamp.


Edit your own website and execute on your ideas without waiting to find a programer to launch.

Ready to learn to code and help treat cancer?

Course Schedule

The new schedule for our 2014 classes will be announced soon!

  • Dates

    Day 1 - Intro To HTML

    Launch your first live HTML webpage and learn how websites work.
  • Dates

    Day 2 - Intro To CSS

    Learn CSS works and how it makes things look pretty.
  • Dates

    Day 3 - Intro to jQuery &. Javascript

    Learn about the more 'fancy' things that CSS/HTML can do when you add javascript into the mix.


The course will run over 3 days in the evening in Kitchener-Waterloo. This is a hands-on course. You'll even get to launch your first live web content after the first day!

100% of the ticket price goes to the Grand River Hospital Foundation. Donation receipts will be provided after the event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much should I know beforehand? The course is aimed at people who know how to use a computer, but don't know how to create a webpage. As long as you are familiar with using your web browser, familiar with using and checking your email, saving documents or editing word documents then you should be good to go.

Is there a target age range? It really depends on how much you know, but we'll be assuming everyone is 12-70 years old.

Supported By

  • Sweet Tooth Inc McCarter Grespan Beynon Weir LLP KPMG Communitech Rebellion Media